When you put a dresser in the closet, you can see it when you put the dresser back in, too

Tight dressers can get a bad rap for being a closet staple.

But there’s one part of the closet that can get overlooked — the dressers in the back of the dress and back of a bedroom.

But that’s the case with a pair of dressers that’s about to get a makeover, as our photographer Dave O’Connor recently discovered.

Read more of Dave’s story here: “I just wanted to find a dress that would stand up to the cold,” O’Conner said.

“And I couldn’t find anything that was really cheap.”

The solution?

A pair of cheap and stylish dressers.

Read the full story on USA Today.

Read our previous coverage on how to dress for summer: A dresser, but not the same as a dress The best thing about a dress is it’s a simple accessory, like a pair and a shoe, said O’Brien.

But when it comes to dressing up for the summer, that’s a different story.

Read the full article on USA TODAY.

Read Dave’s full story here.

Read O’Connell’s full article here:

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