Biden takes swipe at Trump in tweetstorm

Biden on Friday blasted President Donald Trump’s “reckless” remarks in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, saying the Republican leader “failed” to “call the shooter by his real name.”

Biden also criticized Trump’s failure to immediately denounce the shooter, calling it “deeply troubling.”

Biden tweeted the tweet in response to Trump’s Saturday tweet, which referred to a gunman as a “soldier of God” and described the shooting as a mass shooting.

“The President failed to call the shooter a soldier of God,” Biden tweeted, using the term for those who carry out mass killings.

“His reckless and dangerous comment only proves his utter lack of understanding of the horrific nature of the situation and the deep pain and distress this has caused.”

Biden’s tweet came a day after Trump took to Twitter to blast his former rival, saying that “our country cannot afford another mass shooting.”

Trump later took to Instagram to express his condolences and to say that he was “shocked” to hear the news of the shooting.

Biden was responding to a report from ABC News, which said that Trump had been briefed on the incident in advance of the president’s Saturday morning tweet.

The president told reporters Saturday that the shooter was a “Soldier of GOD” and said he was a proud soldier who has fought and died for the United States.

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