Why this Walmart dresser is a perfect gift for the office

WASHINGTON — Walmart has introduced a new dresser for its flagship retail chain.

The new dressers are designed to fit both women and men.

They’re designed to give customers a way to express themselves.

They also have an updated look, according to Walmart spokeswoman Erin Wachter.

The dressers come with a 3-inch-wide foldable cover, which allows them to be stacked on top of one another, Wachters said.

This is an important step in making the dressers more affordable and easier to use, she said.

They will also come with extra storage space.

Walter Scott, an economist at the American Enterprise Institute, said the dresser would not have been a big seller at its original retail price point.

“If Walmart had priced this dresser at $500, it wouldn’t have sold well,” Scott said.

“It would have been kind of a dud.”

The dresser comes with a USB charging cable and two power outlets, Wachi said.

It will be priced at $149.99, according of Walmart.com.

Walmart also is offering the dresses for a limited time, starting Jan. 1, according the company’s website.

The new dresses will be available for purchase online at Walmart.ca.

The dresser will be sold for $79.99.

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