When the nordic dress is no longer the answer for your style

The future of fashion is looking bright, according to designer Nordstrom.

The company has made its brand the ‘no-frills’ choice for the modern man, as well as women.

The Nordstrom line has been one of the most recognisable brands in the world, and the company has now expanded into the world of men’s fashion.

With the launch of its latest collection, the brand has been making a splash in the US.

Nordstrom has been the face of fashion for years and has been recognised by the fashion industry for its design, quality and style.

The iconic design of the brand was a key factor in the rise of the fashion trend, and now the company is looking to take its design even further.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, designer Sam Bennett, who is the creative director at the fashion house, said that the trend for men’s suits has been growing.

Bennett, himself a former model and actor, said: ‘The way that men’s wear is evolving is very different to the way that women’s wear was.’

The designer says that the new range of men-specific suits are ‘no frills’, but that this is the future for the fashion scene.

‘I think it’s the first time we have a line that is not just for men, but for men at all,’ he said.

‘We think it will be a natural evolution of the style, it will become a more interesting and versatile line.’

Bennett is referring to the ‘skins’, which have been designed to look just like the men’s clothing he has worn.

He says that these new suits will feature ‘slimming, skinny-fit legs’ that will make the wearer look like they are wearing something more masculine.

The collection will be launched in November, and will be sold in men’s and women’s sizes, as seen in the photos above.

It will also include ‘sporty’ trousers and jackets, and ‘laces and bracelets’.

The designers are also keen to emphasise the ‘feminine look’ of the collection, with a range of dresses, and tops for both men and women.

‘The new suits are no frills, but they’re definitely not for everyone,’ Bennett said.

There will be some women’s clothing available too, and Bennett believes that the fashion world needs more of ‘femininity’.

‘We are going to have to create a lot more of these women’s clothes for women in this future.

‘It’s not just men, women and girls.

It’s women, girls, and men as well,’ he added.

Bennett says that he hopes that the men and girls of the future will be able to look as stylish as they feel confident in their own style, and they will be looking for ‘fashion that’s not going to make them look bad’.

Bennett also spoke of the fact that men and boys will now be able wear trousers, as it will ‘just make them feel confident enough’.

The designer also mentioned that the clothing will not be limited to men, as he thinks that it will also be available for women, as men are ‘always in demand for clothing’.

‘I’m hoping that as women wear this, we’ll see a lot of women’s fashion that is much more feminine, that’s going to be more of a woman’s style,’ he concluded.

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