How to buy an Italian wedding dress in the UK

Gold brides’ dress can be pricey, but you can get the same look with a classic dress made from old rugs and woven by hand in a small workshop in London’s south-east. 

Here’s how.


Pick a ruffled dress  The most obvious option is a dress made of ruffles, which are fabric scraps left over from old homes or rugs that have been discarded. 

The ruffling can be used for decoration, as in the example above, or as a decorative pattern, as seen here in the dress pictured. 

It can also be woven to create a dress that will fit well and has a flattering silhouette. 

You can also pick a ruffle that is dyed white or pink to match the colour of the dress. 


Choose the right dressmaker  Find a dressmaker that can make the dress in your own size. 

Try to make the same pattern and size for both a dress and a veil. 

If the pattern is the same, it is likely to be the right one. 


Decorate the dress with your own flowers and embellishments Find the perfect flowers and embroidery for the dress, and then fill in the gaps with some simple touches. 

For example, add an embellishment to the neckline of the veil or add a bit of flair to the dress to make it a bit more edgy. 


Buy the right fabrics for the right occasion Choose the fabric that will be worn with the dress for a wedding, and don’t forget to choose the right fabric for your wedding day. 

Make sure you buy ruffle-free fabric to avoid the cost of the fabric scraps that have become discarded over the years. 


Use your favourite jewellery for the best possible wedding As a bride, you might think that you’ll be dressing up in a dress from your favourite store, but it might not be a good idea. 

Instead, go for something a bit cheaper, and you might even find the perfect accessory. 

Find the right necklace for a necklace and a wedding ring for your bride and groom. 


Tie up your flowers and jewellery in the veil Don’t worry if you’re not a big fan of a wedding veil, you can still use it as an accent to the whole dress.

The veil is made from a fabric called raffia, and it can be wrapped around the neck or tucked into the veil, depending on your preference. 


Hang a bouquet When the bride and/or groom are ready to go, you need to take them out to hang in the garden. 

To hang the bouquet, they’ll need to remove the dress from the ground, and put it on the floor. 

They’ll then tie the flowers to the veil.8. 

Remove the veil and tie the bouquets in the front to form the veil cover article The veil cover is a ribbon that is wrapped around both the bride’s and groom’s shoulders and a little to the right of the front. 

There are two types of veil cover: one that wraps around the shoulders, and one that covers the back of the bride. 


Trim off the fringe to make a wedding bouquet article If you’re having a wedding for the first time, the veil may be just a little too big. 

Before the ceremony starts, trim off the veil to make your wedding bouquet look more modest. 


Place the veil on the bride, the groom, and the guests You might think you’re going to get all the wedding details done, but the veil might be a little less formal than you thought. 

Your bride should have all the decorations and other details on her dress, so make sure she’s ready to wear it. 11. 

Wear the veil together with the veil veil cover The veil cover should hang over the dress and not cover the bride or groom’s heads, or the front of the gown. 


Take the veil off and hang it in the background, and tie it in place with ribbon The bride and the groom should wear the veil separately, and they should tie the ribbon around the back and around the front, just like they did with the bride veil.13. 

Barely cover the brides head with the veils cover article It is not always possible to use the veil as an accessory, but if the bride wants to make her own, it’s a good option. 

Once the bride is finished with the ceremony, the veiling cover should be tucked into place. 


Add some glitter and a touch of sparkle to the boucceuse article You might think the wedding veil looks a bit plain and unadorned, but a

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