What do you wear to your birthday party? – Jeans

By Kate O’BrienJeans are trendy again.

So is a pair of short shorts that you might be wearing at your party.

This year’s birthday girls have been wearing jeans, and some of them are wearing shorts.

They are dressed to the nines.

We have asked a few of the girls what they thought of the latest trends in fashion, and why they like them.

We are very excited to be asked to share the answers to these questions with our readers.

Jeans for Birthday Girls #1: ‘I love it’The first question asked by the girls was: ‘How do I feel about wearing jeans for my birthday?’

They shared that they love wearing jeans because they look stylish and they are stylish. 

‘I love how they fit, they have a high rise and they feel good on my legs, arms and thighs.

I love how the fabric feels and they’re comfortable,’ said 14-year-old Lauren.

‘They feel great, it feels great on your legs and the fit is perfect.’ 

‘The fit is great on my calves and calves feel amazing, and the fabric is so soft and breathable.

It feels like I’m wearing jeans.

I can’t wait to wear them again,’ said 18-yearold Charlotte.’

I think it’s just something new for me to try.

I am a little bit obsessed with it, so I can see why people love it,’ said 17-year old Kia.’

When I wore jeans for the first time, I felt so uncomfortable,’ said 15-year’s Emma.

‘I was scared to wear a pair at a birthday party because I felt like I was wearing a dress or something and I was really nervous.

But I love the fact that I can feel how I am wearing jeans.’ 

 ‘Weirdly, I feel like they are perfect for a birthday or birthday party, because they are so cute and fun.

I think it suits my body,’ said 11-year girl Victoria.’

They feel so comfortable, and it feels like they’re holding me in place.

They’re super comfortable,’ added 10-year boy Luke. 

The girls also shared that the style has become more and more common for their peers in the past couple of years.’

The trend is now more and, you know, there are more and even more girls wearing them than ever before,’ said 19-year ‘M’ girls.’

It’s a trend that is really trendy, I think,’ said ‘B’ girls Lauren and Charlotte.

‘But I don’t think anyone has been wearing them for more than five years, so it’s cool to see them getting more and a lot more people to wear ’em.”

They look great, and I think they are a really nice look for summer.

They fit my body perfectly and I’m loving them so much.’

Jeans For Birthday Girls  is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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