When fashion trends change, it’s time to get dressed

AUSTRALIA’S fashion industry is experiencing its own fashion revolution, with the arrival of an influx of young women who are choosing to embrace the more casual lifestyle and embracing styles like V-neck dresses and the sun dress.

Young women are dressing as “girly”, “fashy” and “cool” on social media with the hashtag #girlish.

The trend is sweeping social media, with posts showing off their favourite outfits on Instagram and Twitter.

The #grippygirl trend started trending on social networks this week after being launched by Australian fashion designer and fashion editor Olivia Steed.

“It’s just an incredible moment in Australian fashion,” Steed said.

“It just feels so natural and I think it’s great to see this trend take off in Australia.”

I think this is a time for us to be more relaxed about our clothes.

I think we should just wear what we want to wear and embrace our individuality.

“The hashtag is gaining traction among the younger generation, with some young women saying they are dressing up in V-necks and sun dresses to take advantage of the cool weather.”

For some of these young women, they just want to be girly, wear something a little more traditional,” Stodden said.

She said the hashtag had already seen more than 50,000 tweets and has been shared more than 30,000 times on Instagram.”

There’s a lot of people who are looking for something that’s more traditional and not too girly,” she said.

It’s also becoming a popular trend among women who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.”

We’re seeing more and more people wanting to embrace this style, whether it’s wearing a v-neck or a sun dress,” Ms Stoddess said.

One young woman told the ABC she was inspired by the sun dresses worn by US model Carmen Electra in an Instagram post.”

They are really cute, I really like them,” she wrote.”

Just love how you can wear a dress like this.

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