When it comes to dressing up, what to buy and not to buy?

Lulus is the name of a fashion line by American fashion designer Donna Karan that was first launched in the US in 2005.

It’s a series of dresses that are made from 100% cotton and feature a simple, elegant silhouette, and it’s one of the brands Donna Karas first collaborations with designer Lula.

We’ve taken a look at some of the highlights of the line.

Read more The line started with a series called The New York Dolls, which featured colourful dresses made from cotton, which the designer described as being “really soft, a bit lightweight, but also super comfortable and flattering”.

“I wanted to make something that’s a little bit more sophisticated than the typical modern girl’s outfit,” she said.

“It has a lot of layers that can make it a little more comfortable for longer than the standard traditional dress.

It also has a bit of style that I feel makes it feel more special and feminine.”

She added that the dresses also offer some of her favourite things: “I think the sheerness of it is beautiful, because it’s just so natural looking, so feminine and so femininely beautiful.”

The line is not just a collection of dresses, though.

“We also have other dresses, and that’s really fun,” she continued.

“I love to wear a dress that’s very bold and beautiful and also a little feminine, but with a little extra.

I like to have something that feels more feminine, like a bit more of a casual dress.”

The dresses are available in a range of colours, but for the most part they feature a light, shimmery fabric that gives them a sparkle, but don’t overpower them.

Donna Karans designer Donna is not the only designer to have worked on the line, with Lula and other designers working with the company on various projects.

“She [Lula] has been very kind to us,” Donna Karana told us.

“There’s so many dresses that I wear, and she keeps it simple and beautiful.”

What are some of your favourite Donna Karanas dresses?

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