How to dress like a saint

You’re going to wear a costume for Christmas.

You’re not just going to be dressed up as the traditional Christmas costume.

You will have a beard, and you’ll wear a wig and a long, flowing wig.

The costume will make you look like a little girl who can fly, but it will also make you feel like a grown-up. 

The idea is to portray Jesus, but not to hide your identity.

It’s also about showing that you are still a kid.

You’ll dress up as Jesus, the son of Mary, a young man who has lost his parents.

The idea is that he will be a child of God who will grow up and come back to his parents and ask for forgiveness.

“This is a really exciting moment in the history of the Church.

There is no doubt about that.

The Church has always been about reconciliation and love,” said Monsignor Paul De la Torre. 

“We are going to show a little bit of that in the costumes and in the presentation of Jesus in the celebration.”

“It’s a very important day,” he added.

“It has always meant something to me.

And it’s also a time to be filled with joy and with the hope that there will be more children coming out of the darkness, and there will still be children who need the help of the Gospel.”

De la Torr said that the costume is not just about making a show of faith and love.

“It is also a way of showing that we have come together in a very special way to celebrate Christmas, and it’s very important that we don’t forget this day,” said the Vatican’s secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, Mercy, and Sacraments, Father Joseph B. Riva. 

Father Riva said that all the costumes will be presented in the traditional manner, which means they are expected to be taken to the chapel and then carried out in public.

“The costumes are intended to be a demonstration of the faith, the love of God and of the church,” said Riva, who is the president of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts.

“We hope that we can do the same for the children who are not yet born.

And we hope that they will come out in a positive way, and we hope they will understand that the love and the hope of God is for them.”

It’s not just for the Christmas season.

In the past, a number of churches have created a series of Christmas cards for children, but this year, it will be the church itself that is showing the children the faith. 

More: “The Church will celebrate Christmas this year in the style of the traditional costume for a different reason,” said Fr Banca in a statement.

“The children will see the church with its beautiful, rich colors and light, the colors of the sun and the Christmas tree.”

“For the children, the Christmas card is a gift of hope and a reminder of the love for which Christ died,” the Vatican statement continued.

“I am confident that we will see more children from different backgrounds come out of this darkness and to the faith that Jesus lives for.

We hope that all of them will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to know themselves as children of God.””

The children’s faith will be shown in the most beautiful colors and lights and they will see that they are not alone,” said Father Banca.”

And it will help us to be more loving in the world,” he said.

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