How to find the perfect wedding dress

Australia’s most popular wedding dresses are being offered at new retail outlets, and it’s a big step for the country to have a truly globalised industry.

Aussie Wedding Dress Trends, a new trade publication by Australian Wedding Dress Association, offers a look at the trends that are changing the wedding dress industry.

Forget the trends you might be accustomed to seeing.

A new online retail platform is launching and it looks like the industry is finally coming out of the woodwork.

The Australian Wedding dress Association (AWDJA) has launched a new platform that will allow people to shop for Australian wedding dresses online.AWDSA chief executive Susan Mardell says the new platform will help bring together the various parts of the Australian wedding dress business, including retailers, designers and fabricators.

“We have a very broad range of products that we sell, from wedding gowns to dress making, to everything in between,” Ms Mardella said.

“It’s not only wedding dresses that we are interested in, it’s also the other products, like handbags and accessories.”

In this platform, we are bringing together the different products, and they can then work together to make an informed decision.

“The new platform was launched on Thursday, September 3, with a list of more than 1,000 wedding dresses available on the platform.

The platform also allows people to browse a range of brands, with over 1,500 wedding dresses listed on the site.”

There is really no way around it, the platform has changed the way we think about wedding dress shopping,” Ms Ailson said.

The AWDJA launched the new platforms because the industry was looking for new ways to sell products.”

As we have seen over the past couple of years, we have a lot of product offerings in the marketplace that are being very limited in quantity, and the retailers are really struggling to supply the consumer with the items that they need,” Ms Condon said.

Ms Mardells vision for the platform is to be a source of information, inspiration and advice for designers and manufacturers of wedding dresses.”

I want to help them make their designs better, to give them a more sustainable future, and to give people confidence in the industry that they can make a better choice for themselves,” Ms Sargent said.

In the meantime, Australian wedding gown retailers will have to make do with what they have, with the platforms offering more than 300 wedding dress designs.

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