Champs in champs’ hats: ‘I’m so glad we won’

“I’m really happy,” the bride said of the wedding reception she and her fiancé had organized for the champs.

“It was a lot of fun.”

She added: “The biggest thing is that we’re all in love with each other and I’m so thankful for this moment and for the opportunity to be married.

I’m thankful for the joy and the love that I’ve got here and for this beautiful bride.”

The bride was thrilled with the way the ceremony went down, and she hopes to share more details in a couple of weeks.

But she has no idea when or if she’ll be able to get her wedding dress.

The bride has said she and the groom planned for months before they finally agreed on a dress, and it was a difficult process.

The groom wore the traditional white wedding dress for the wedding, and the bride wore a white blouse and black lace dress for her reception.

The groom’s wedding dress was also designed by his partner, and he was able to create a unique look that was tailored to his personality.

“We wanted a different kind of wedding,” said the bride, who is from London.

“This was a very traditional wedding, which is how we wanted to dress for him.

I think it was really cool to dress him up in a very modern way.”

The wedding is being held at a venue that is already known for its traditional wedding dress design, and that was also the inspiration for the new wedding dress that is designed by the bride’s fiancé.

“This is a very romantic moment for us,” said her fiancée, who asked that his name not be used.

“We were just thrilled to get married.”

Ahead of the ceremony, the bride and her partner talked about how they hope the wedding will inspire more young women to pursue their dreams and to get engaged.

The wedding was held in the traditional wedding gowns, which were the wedding dress of choice for all the champes.

“The champs were really thrilled to see me in this dress, so that was really fun,” the groom said.

“They said it was so much fun.

I’ve been dreaming about this day for a while, so it was very emotional for me.”

A photo posted by Myles Smith (@myles_smith) on Mar 13, 2020 at 8:06pm PDT The groom also shared a photo of his engagement ring on Instagram, along with the caption: “Wedding day in Paris with a new ring!”

The bride said she had a blast with her fianco, but she was especially happy with how her engagement ring looked.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

“I’m a bit of a chameleon.

I wear different things, but I always think of my ring as my signature.

It’s a beautiful ring.”

My wedding ring was handmade by the chamois, so I was very pleased with how it turned out.

“The groom was also happy to share a photo on Instagram with his fiancés and their children.

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