Why You Need To Save $250 For The New ‘Brands’ With The Best Discounts

It’s no secret that retailers like Macy’s and J.

Crew are looking to expand their reach in new, emerging markets.

This year, however, some big brands have found ways to boost sales in places like Africa and Latin America with the same success they had in the U.S. and Europe.

Here are some of the big brands who have figured out how to get a leg up on the competition with these new discount strategies.


Fendi: $50 Off Your Next Order of Fendi’s “Best in Beauty” Collection This deal is limited to two orders, but you can save up to $50 off your next order of FIDENI.

The deal will last through February 14.


Dolce & Gabbana: $10 Off A $500 Order Of Your Favorite Balmain Lifestyle Collection In its “Best of Beauty” collection, Dolce and Gabbanas has set up an “All-In-One Beauty Kit” that includes the Balmain collection, a “Best In Beauty” lip pencil, and a “Balmain” palette.

The full package includes everything you need to get your “Best Beauty” look: a lip balm, lip tint, lip liner, blush, and powder.


Burberry: $20 Off Your First $250 Order Of Burberry’s “All in One” Collection For those who are looking for the best bang for their buck, this deal is good until February 13.

For $100, you can get a Burberry lip gloss and a lipstick, plus a pair of the Burberry “All In One” mascara and bronzer, for $200.


Prada: $30 Off Your $300 Order Of Prada’s “Beauty & Style” Collection At $30 a pop, this is a good deal for those who want a good value.

But you can also save $100 on a pair or three of Prada mascara, a Prada lipstick, and one of the Prada “Style” blush shades.


H&M: $45 Off Your Complete $400 Order Of H& M’s “Style & Style Bundle” From the H& Men website, you’ll get a “Dior Couture, Prada, Prado, Couture &amp.; Louboutin, Primavera, Pradour, and Couture Boutique” palette, a $500 “Brands” and “Ace” collection for $50, plus $10 off your entire order.


Calvin Klein: $60 Off Your Full $600 Order Of Calvin Klein’s “Prada Collection” This deal will be available through February 13, and will include a $100 gift card for $100 and a $50 gift card to use toward a full-price order of Calvin Klein.


Louis Vuitton: $80 Off Your Whole $800 Order Of Louis Vuitch’s “The Best In Beauty Bundle” If you’re looking for a good price, this will give you the best deal on a Louis Vuichs “Branches” collection.

Louis’ “Branding &amp.

Shirt” and its “Fashion &amp., Leather” collections are also on sale.


Givenchy: $90 Off Your “Branded Collection” In this offer, givenchy has set it sights on the fashion world.

This collection includes “H&M” dresses, skirts, and tops, and it’ll also include a “L’Oreal” blush, “Bourjois” mascara, and “Hedi Slimane” blush for $70.


Banana Republic: $100 Off Your Original $500 In-Store Order Of Banana Republic’s “Collection of Best-In This-Size” Gifts This deal may be limited to just one in-store order, but the savings on your entire shopping trip will stretch out to $100.


Gucci: $25 Off A Complete $750 Order Of Gucci’s “Brass Collection” From this deal, you get a complete collection of Gucci shoes, a pair (or three) of Guicamania lipstick shades, and an “Honey &amp.”

Blush, blush and blush and more for $25.


Abercrombie & Fitch: $40 Off A “Bridesmaid’s Collection” For the price of $40, you will get your favorite wedding gowns and accessories for $75.


Chanel: $70 Off A Full $300 Purchase At Chanel’s “Hair and Makeup” Collection From this, you don’t have to go through the trouble of visiting the boutique to buy your own hair and makeup.

You can also get a Chanel hair brush, a Chanels eye shadow palette, and even a Chanellux mascara.


Prudential: $75 Off Your In-App Purchase With This Special “Best-In” Coup

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