A new look at maternity maxi dresses

We’ve all been there.

You’re in the middle of a trip, you’ve had a few beers, and you want to go out for a nice dinner.

But what you’ve never really been able to do is dress like the mom in the family. 

“I had to change my look because of my pregnancy, so I wanted to make a change for myself,” says Mia. 

But the cost of wearing maternity maxis is a lot more than you’d expect. 

Marilyn, 30, was born in a mid-weight category.

“I’m just a bit overweight and it was difficult to find dresses that fit me, and I didn’t want to change for me,” she explains.

So she looked into maternity maxises and found that they were very expensive. 

At the time, maternity maxIs were quite cheap, at £300 for a 36H dress or £150 for a 35H dress.

“But I started researching maternity maxI dresses online and realised they were way more expensive,” she says. 

She ended up buying three dresses in the same size.

“It was pretty expensive for me, but for my daughter, it was worth it,” she adds. 

Now, Mia is a mum of two and a dad of one.

“We do the baby shower a lot, and the biggest thing we do is have our children to go to nursery,” she laughs.

“They’ve never seen a maternity max. It’s the biggest change of all for me.” 

She has been happy with the maternity max I dress. 

Her son has been getting to know the mum in the outfit. 

The family has also enjoyed the maternity look, which Mia says has made the process of planning the baby much easier.

“Our daughter has grown up with us in the maternity dress,” she said. 

When Mia’s son was born, she didn’t have a choice but to wear the dress.

“The first time I took him to nursery he had this huge reaction and I had to go back to the store to buy a new dress,” she said.

“So now I can be a mum for him and it’s a great feeling to know that we’re helping each other with our children. 

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