When the groom dresses up as a woman, there’s no turning back

A bride who dresses up in a dress she found in a basement has received a mixed reception.

After dressing up as her mother for the first time, the bride was stunned when she received a polite invitation to an after-dinner party.

“I thought, this is it, I am here for the reception,” said Yael.

The bride wore a simple white and grey dress and was accompanied by her mother, who wore a purple skirt and matching pink blouse.

The wedding reception at the Jerusalem-based bridal boutique was held on a chilly January night.

According to Yael, the dress was made of wool and was the size of a pair of shoes.

Yael’s mother had been searching for a dress for her son.

While the dress is a little too small for her to wear, Yael said the bride’s mother has the same size and style as her.

She added that her mother said she is happy for Yael to dress up as the bride, and that she has not asked her for permission to wear a dress with her.

It’s a shame that it is only her parents who can do this, she said.

“They know how I feel.

She has the strength to do this.

They are there for me, not me for them.”

After the reception, Yealas mother, Yana, said she had already received many invitations from the bridal shop, but they had all been declined.

She said she will be able to dress her son up at his wedding, but said the family has not yet decided on a dress.

This is the first wedding she has been to, Yaimas mother added.

“It is such a privilege.

I am happy that my son is not only happy, but happy with his parents, too.”

The wedding has been held on the theme of love.

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