The Latest on Justin Gatlin’s suspension from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

The NASCAR Sprint Racing Series will hold its first public meeting Wednesday in Indianapolis to discuss Gatlin, the three-time Cup champion, for his violation of NASCAR’s anti-doping policy, NASCAR said Thursday.NASCAR also issued Gatlin a suspension for violating its anti-drug program and a $5,000 fine.NASCREC spokesman Brian Biesecker said in a statement that Gatlin was “taken to task by NASCAR officials” and has been suspended for six weeks.NASL is the only U.S. series to sanction Gatlin for his alleged violation of the program, which requires drivers to submit blood and urine samples to the commission.NASAC issued Gatlins suspension in September, citing the “unacceptable” way he performed during the first race of the season.NASSAOTweeted that Gatlisi’s suspension was the result of an investigation by the National Center for the Anti-Doping of Drugs.

The organization also said that the NASCAR sanction would “not deter any future conduct by Gatlin.”

In addition to Gatlin and his suspension, NASCAR will conduct an internal review of all incidents from this past season and issue a public report to the series governing body in February, Biesebler said.

The commission issued a suspension to Gatlis three-year ban for the violation of its anti-“doping” policy last season after a video of him taking a swig from a glass bottle in the pit lane went viral.

Gatlin told ESPN in October that he drank the bottle.

The NASCAR series has previously imposed suspensions on drivers for their actions in testing positive for banned substances.

The Cup Series and Sprint Cup will hold the first public hearing in Indianapolis.

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