How to dress up as a mumu: The secrets of motherly style

MUMU DASH, INDIA: India’s traditional dress is the mumu, which has a unique pattern.

In the traditional Indian household, the mumuk is the centrepiece of a household.

It has the longest skirt, the largest neckline and the most beautiful headband.

The headband, made of a soft, cotton fabric, is made from a delicate lace ribbon.

MUMUKS A traditional Indian mumuk (left) and the one from a wedding dress (right).

Indian weddings have traditionally included mumuk dresses.

“The mumuk, which is worn as a headdress, is a traditional Indian headdress,” said Akshay Srivastava, a fashion consultant based in New Delhi.

I remember a wedding where I was dressed as a momuk, I wore this dress for 10 years, and it was a big deal, he added.

India has seen a surge in the popularity of mumukdas in recent years.

According to a 2016 study, 30 per cent of the Indian population identified as being interested in wearing a mumuk dress in their weddings.

At weddings, the dress becomes a fashion statement, says Nirmala Shah, managing director of fashion consultancy Zorro.

Shah said it was very important to get the mumuki style right for the bride.

As a bride’s headdress and headband can be different from a groom’s, she recommends a matching pair.

She said a wedding would be best if the bride wore a long sleeved blouse with a white kurta or black kurtas for her mumuk.

If she wears the kurtakas, she should wear the traditional braided braided mumuk as well, she said.

When asked if the mumuvas from the wedding could be used for the wedding ceremony, she explained that there were a number of variations that could be made.

For instance, the bridal mother can use her own kurtaks, she added.

“A lot of mumuvahs are worn by women with different body shapes, such as curvy women, or thin women.

However, for the groom, the traditional mumuk should be worn with the traditional skirt and neckline.”

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