How to shop the perfect navy blue dresser

The navy blue has been a staple of women’s attire for decades, but the latest trend is for more feminine outfits to take their cues from the popular trend.

Here are some of the most stylish ways to outfit your navy blue.

Read more from Fox Sports: Dress your navy blues with a pair of matching navy blue jeans from the new JCPenney collection, and you can’t go wrong with either. 

The collection features an elegant and casual pair of jeans, a pair of black oxford shirts, and a pair  of grey blazers. 

“This is one of the top sellers in JCP,” a source said. 

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How to wear navy blue pants: In addition to navy blue, the navy blue is the most popular color in jeans and sportswear in the US, according to the brand’s website. 

Here’s how to wear your navyblue pants. 


How a navy blue blazer will fit you: The most common navy blue suit has a short waist and a long leg. 

A longer blazer can be fitted into a shorter fit. 


How an navy blue shirt can match a navy blazer: You can choose between a black oxfords jacket and a navy button-down shirt, according the brand. 


How a navy blue coat can be styled to suit a navy or blue suit: If you are looking for something casual, a navy coat with a black shirt, a black tie, and an unbuttoned blazer can go with a navy and blue suit. 


How the navy blue blazer fits your look: There’s no need to add extra fabric to a navy  blue suit to give your suit a modern twist. 


How JCP blue jeans can look more like navy blue: A navy blue denim jacket is a versatile addition to your outfit. 


How navy blue boots can be paired with a Navy blue pair of pants:A navy pair of blue jeans with a white shirt, navy blue jacket, and navy blue slacks can look great on your feet. 


How black leather can be worn with navy blue and navy blazer:Black leather can add some extra warmth and contrast to a pair. 


How white denim jeans can be layered with a dark navy blouse: White denim jeans with dark blue pants can add a modern look to your wardrobe. 


How skinny jeans can go with navy blazes: Black skinny jeans with white shirts, black pants, and black boots can be paired up with navy blazes. 


How you can find the perfect pair of navy blaze shoes: Find a pair with a slim fit and look stylish. 


How jeans can complement a black jacket: Try a pair that goes with a jacket or a suit, like a black slim suit or a navy black jacket. 


How grey blazer looks best with a grey shirt: Grey blazier jeans and grey jackets can add a sparkle to a black blazer. 


How slim fit jeans and jackets can be added to a grey blaze suit:A slim fit pair of grey pants and grey jacket will compliment a navy suit.

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