How to make a black wedding dress

The Irish-American designer and fashion house Zara, who opened its first Irish boutique in the UK last month, is taking its first steps into the UK’s gay and lesbian wedding market.

Zara is the first UK designer to open an Irish shop in a gay and lesbians’ space.

The company’s founder and head of design, Rachel Kelly, said the focus of the business is to make dresses that are fun, affordable and sexy.

“We have designed dresses for gay and straights in the past, but this is our first opportunity to bring our design to a wider market,” Ms Kelly said.

“It’s not just a gay/lesbian wedding dress, it’s a fun dress for everyone, and it can also be for couples who have never been married before.”

It is expected to open its first shop in Glasgow, and in April it will open its flagship store in Liverpool.

Ms Kelly said the company would focus on women’s style, and would make a range of products for gay, lesbian and bisexuals, including a range called ‘Dresses for Gays’.

“The first line is for women,” she said.

“We’re working on a range for men.”

“It is the kind of dress you want to wear on your wedding day.”

Gay weddings have been legal in Scotland since 2008, with the first ever gay couple to get married at St Patrick’s Cathedral in 2012.

The firm is not the first to be involved in the gay and straight wedding market, with Zara making a range about the impact of same-sex marriage.

“I think it’s going to be an important part of our growth as a company,” Ms Miller said.

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