What you need to know about the shift dress

We all know how the shift in fashion looks.

But did you know that the style has a lot more to do with how we feel?

Now, that’s the subject of a new article in New Scientist. 

New Scientist asked readers to vote for their favourite pieces of the fashion trend, and readers gave it a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. 

The style’s origins date back to the 1960s, when American fashion designer Charles “Buddy” Smith introduced the shift.

His shift dress was a low-cut, fitted garment that could be worn with a dress shirt.

Today, the shift has become a way of showing off the body while showing off an increasingly conservative look. 

“If you want to look stylish and stylishly and look good, you have to have a really high-cut dress,” says fashion designer Alex Oster, who created the classic shift dress.

“That’s what we did. 

You’re not just showing off your curves, you’re showing off how good your body is.

That’s what this is all about.”

Oster explains that it’s about how people feel in a certain moment.

The dress changes in a way that’s both revealing and soft, with a loose-fitting bodice and a fitted waistline.

It’s also got the same silhouette, although it’s cut differently.

It can be worn as a high-waisted dress, or as a short-waist, tailored skirt or turtleneck.

The most popular shift dress is the low-waisting turtlenecks, which can be made in two different styles. 

It’s important to remember that the shift isn’t just about clothes, says Oster.

It has to do more than just look good.

“The shift dress reflects what the wearer is feeling, what they’re thinking, what the world is telling them,” he says. 

Read more: The best trend stories this week: And this week’s trends: In case you’re looking for something else to wear, here’s a guide to the best shift dresses from around the world. 

Image credit: Ariel Nacin

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